HOW TO : Find a deleted Facebook picture using Google Chrome

Of course, this requires that you were using Google Chrome before hand and that you have already opened the page of that Facebook picture in the past 7 days or so.

Ok, so your friend deleted that picture on Facebook. It was something worth spreading, I guess. And in my case my friend deleted a picture of himself topless and everyone was like, “OMG” and “Wooh!” and “I love you man!” and all of those gay-ish lines (but of course in a joke-full manner). Everyone was all over it since he wasn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to pose like that and that he claims he because very conscious about his appearance due to the various comments on that picture (which he actually made his profile picture, for about 8 hours before he deleted it).


So he deleted it after about 22 hours that it was online. One of my friends (best friend actually) wasn’t able to see it and she was like, “aaawww I missed it. Why was everybody all over it?” So instead of explaining it to her I tried to look for a local cached copy of it on my computer, but I failed. So instead, I used Google Chrome’s about:cache page to look for it.

Then I sifted through the files, but there was A LOT of files listed there. So I used find to find pictures. I always knew that Facebook max-size pictures always ends in _n.jpg so I looked for that.

Then I went through each photo. Of course, when you click the link in that page it opens up the cache viewer. So to make it quick, you can highlight the link and select Go To

Then it will display the picture. If you are patient, you should be able to find the picture. The sooner you find for it, the higher the chance and the faster you should be able to find it. So after I found the right link, it opened! And of course, that’s the direct link to the picture. Nobody can control it, even if the person had set extreme privacy settings on. EVEN IF IT IS STILL NOT DELETED. SO yeah, everyone can view the picture through that link. Even if they aren’t friends or whatever. Anyone can see it through such link.

If you’re curious what the picture was I have a copy here (saved only this time to edit it and show it to you guys. After this, it get’s deleted on my computer) with his face blurred, but if he sees this he will surely be mad… lol, he’d feel a tad bit insecure, again… Oh well… I’m bored, so I did. If you think he’s hot or not just fire away! I’ll send him your comments here… lol

Ok, so the moral of this? If you don’t know what to do in your spare time, do something productive. AND don’t upload pictures you will later regret. hahahaha, so yeah…. I hope this post helped… Somehow…

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