This came from my mind?

Life is complicated as it is. The world we live in, the way things work, and how humans deal with their problems. I don’t want to be too religious, or too scientific with this. Let’s all settled down and, at least for now, let’s ignore our differences in belief, culture, and all other difference we have between each other. Let’s focus on things we are similar. We are all humans, we all eat, breathe, live, love, hate, and die. If you ask me, most of the differences we have are just things we actually just create ourselves. I don’t think we should actually be thinking about our differences as actual distinction from each other, since this just proves we are similar, that in a way, we are all different from each other. I bet that will be a big paradox and irony, but we should know that we all face problems, its just not the exact same problem as others. We all experience joy and it’s just not the same exact as others.

Beyond ourselves, is another bigger problem that we all should face. No one actually knows what it is, but we all know we’ll face it anyhow. The failure to actually see that we all are just making up things and see them as the truth is the biggest failure humans have ever made. We are all in pursuit of how things work, on how things should be, and on how we should live our lives, but we fail to see that everything around us all just relative to us. We say someone is rich because they have more money than us. We say someone is sick because we are not as sick as they are. We say someone is luckier than us, just because by mere “coincidence” that they won the lottery.

We have all created a world that we have compared to ourselves. A world filled with words that describe something relative to us. But, have we ever thought of something that doesn’t actually relate or somehow in the end will not affect us? Nothing in our world is unrelated to each other. Each one of us is linked, each one of us affects possibilities that will happen to someone, and that someone will do something that will affect us. Yes, we have free will, but in the bigger picture, that free will is a small portion of the bigger system that controls everything that happens in our reality. If we chose to do this and not do that, what will happen next? What will happen next isn’t our choice, neither is it the choice of anyone. We are just all but bound together in a reality that we see and we create.

The whole system is a paradox, a complex system that is built, designed, and engineered so that everything in it is linked no matter how big or small it is, no matter where it is. Yes, it is a paradox. A system of mystery that no one has actually understood. Probably because it wasn’t meant to be understood, and that it wasn’t meant to be existing at all. But, it’s here and it’s running. Life as we know it is just but an illusion, a reality we created relative to us. To the system, life might not even be something as big as we think. Since we are just a really small part of the system, the system won’t notice we’re actually here. The system was already here even before we are. It is functioning and running. Somehow, we were created in the system as observers and participants. No one knows for sure why we’re here, but we shouldn’t really be looking for it. Or maybe we should? Yet, in whatever we do, we’re bound in the system and whatever action we make will eventually come back to us.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this. But I know deep inside I should. When things are finally done, probably I know the purpose of this note. I just went through what’s on my mind, and up until to the end of this note, I still don’t know where the hell did I get all of these ideas. Maybe someday I’ll know. So I’ll just leave it as is. Deep inside, I know I did this for a reason, I just hope that later on it won’t hit me bad.

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