Windows 7 Sins – A user’s view point

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So I came across this website. I find their cause to be fine, but I think they should actually see what’s actually happening. I don’t think they have thought about their “sins” that well.


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Ok, so it looks legit for me, and that FSF is actually owning it. I think they’re “big boys” and seem to know what they’re doing… But this issue is something serious that could tarnish their name. Oh please, don’t give me that look. So now, let’s examine the “sins”

1. Poisoning education: Today, most children whose education involves computers are being taught to use one company’s product: Microsoft’s. Microsoft spends large sums on lobbyists and marketing to corrupt educational departments. An education using the power of computers should be a means to freedom and empowerment, not an avenue for one corporation to instill its monopoly

Ok, I agree with them, but I think they should have thought of it very well. Because, A) Microsoft doesn’t force educational systems to use their product. They offer it, and it’s up to the educational system to accept or look else where. B) Microsoft doesn’t corrupt  educational departments, it’s the departments itself corrupting themselves. Now, I do certainly agree with what they say about “freedom and empowerment”, although, the children don’t really know which is which, thus, implying that Microsoft is corrupting these kids to use their products is foolish and subjective.

2. Invading privacy: Microsoft uses software with backward names like Windows Genuine Advantage to inspect the contents of users’ hard drives. The licensing agreement users are required to accept before using Windows warns that Microsoft claims the right to do this without warning.

I do agree with all of these privacy concerns, but in the first place, if you did agree with the EULA, then you have given Microsoft explicit right to do such thing. If you disagree with that, feel free to use another software. You aren’t forced to use their software. Plus, the issue of privacy here is a false alarm. Yes, Microsoft do checks, but now how you think they do. These checks are performed for protection of their “investment” they don’t want people to just be poking around things they worked for so hard. You guys should open your eyes, really….

3. Monopoly behavior: Nearly every computer purchased has Windows pre-installed — but not by choice. Microsoft dictates requirements to hardware vendors, who will not offer PCs without Windows installed on them, despite many people asking for them. Even computers available with other operating systems like GNU/Linux pre-installed often had Windows on them first.

Here is a sample of something called “business partnership”. The manufacturers do pre-install Windows, because it is their choice. And why is it their choice? Because people prefer it, not that they are forced to. Yup, of course they can pre-install any Linux flavor in that machine, for no extra charge, but in the end, it’s still up to the person if they actually wanted it. Certainly, if they don’t like Windows, they could just remove it and install any Linux in it. Or they could ask the retailer to do so. It’s not that hard you know… Plus, because of these partnerships, people get Windows for a really lesser price of nearly free. I know Linux is free, but, if you look at it, why do they pre-install Windows aside from having partnerships? Hmmm? Yes, it’s because most devices, new and the future ones will certainly work in Windows because the manufacturers choose to. It’s not because it’s more dominant, although that’s still a factor, but rather because things work better there.

4. Lock-in: Microsoft regularly attempts to force updates on its users, by removing support for older versions of Windows and Office, and by inflating hardware requirements. For many people, this means having to throw away working computers just because they don’t meet the unnecessary requirements for the new Windows versions.

Aw, don’t make me start this… But Apple is someone who’s much worse about these kinds of things. OF course we have our technologies improving, along with the things that run on them, like Windows. They “outdate” older versions, because the new ones would work much better without the bloat. Why do you think Windows and Mac OS X work so much better that Linux? Well, simply, because they drop support for older hardware and favor new ones. Because it makes our life easier, and things run faster. Of course they should update your old OS, but you’re hardware simply won’t catch up. It’s something you’ll replace anyways and something that will break down eventually, and you’ll buy a new one. See the point of dropping support for older hardware and software? No? Open your eyes damn it! If you actually are tech enthusiasts, you know technology constantly improves, and nothing is permanent. You know that you’ll eventually need something better…

5. Abusing standards: Microsoft has attempted to block free standardization of document formats, because standards like OpenDocument Format would threaten the control they have now over users via proprietary Word formats. They have engaged in underhanded behavior, including bribing officials, in an attempt to stop such efforts.

Wait a minute, I thought wer are talking about Windows here? Hmmm? Microsoft hater much? C’mon… This is completely irrelevant to “Windows 7 Sins” Plus, I’ve never heard of such bribes… Can you cite me one? Plus, although Microsoft makes their own proprietary formats, they still open their doors for open formats. I can open an OpenOffice document in my Microsoft Word right now… and save as that format…. Even in Excel and PowerPoint… Guys, by the time you wrote this site, I can do exactly what I can do now with Microsoft Word… I can open and save OpenOffice files….

6. Enforcing Digital Restrictions Management (DRM): With Windows Media Player, Microsoft works in collusion with the big media companies to build restrictions on copying and playing media into their operating system. For example, at the request of NBC, Microsoft was able to prevent Windows users from recording television shows that they have the legal right to record.

Wait, since when was that possible? I mean, blocking you from recording TV shows? Hmmm? If NBC requested such, then it’s easily seen that recording that is illegal… duh? Plus, DRM is something the companies place, It isn’t Microsoft’s fault if these companies deploy such things… I can’t say Microsoft support or is against DRM, but, allowing these protected files and protecting them is something Microsoft did so that they are in between the lines of supporting it and not supporting it. Since they allow such things to happen since it;s something their users will need to play such content, plus, setting these restrictions are something you should direct to these companies, not Microsoft, and yet again, something irrelevant to Windows 7. You can always install another media player, or program to record your shows….

Oh, and I’m not a big fan of DRM either… I don’t like it but most DRMs are fine for me…

7. Threatening user security: Windows has a long history of security vulnerabilities, enabling the spread of viruses and allowing remote users to take over people’s computers for use in spam-sending botnets. Because the software is secret, all users are dependent on Microsoft to fix these problems — but Microsoft has its own security interests at heart, not those of its users.

Soo… what are these “own security interests” of Microsoft? Hmmm? I noticed you just direct things to Windows 7 although you actually are targetting Microsoft. I know Microsoft is the maker of Windows, but we should be objective around here. I see that most of your arguments are purely subjective than being objective. Ok, so what you;re saying here is that Microsoft is the only one we actually rely for these security patches, but let’s look a little more into the bigger picture. Let’s look at Ubuntu, Ubuntu relies canonical’s updates, and of course anyone can patch it, but do you think regular users do that? Do you think they’d actually do those? No, they would wait for the updates… from canonical…. Plus, most issues of security and being compromised is mostly responsible for the person operating the computer, not the computer or the OS. Threats are there, but if you are making sure you make the right decisions then you wouldn’t be attacked.

Say for example, in a park… there are lots of people all of them are vulnerable, all of them have security issues… Each one of them can be attacked and get killed or get mugged… or so… But, no one will attack them if they make the right choices… For example, if a lady displays all of her jewelry in the park… they wave them around like she didn’t care do you think she’s more unsecured than anyone else? No. She’s as secure as anyone else in the park. It’s just that she just because an easier target for those who would want to take the opportunity to attack.

Just like in the game I was playing… I might be in a high security region, but, it that doesn’t stop people from killing me. It’s just that security will just be there faster if anything happens, so that they can enforce the law. Not exactly that you are protected. It’s just almost the same as being in a low or no security region. I’m just as secure as if I was in a high security region.

Now, thin about it. You’re arguments might be valid, but they are all subjective. I don’t see the reason why you call them “sins” and the reason why you have to actually direct it to Windows 7. I can see that you actually are directing things to Microsoft, rather than Windows 7.

I’m a big fan of open software, and I’m a big supporter of FSF, but I think this website is just stupid. It should be much more appropriately called “Microsoft Sins” rather than Windows 7 Sins… Honestly… Who ever wrote things on this sire has not done much research and purely made an argument out of rage or probably just to rant… I know how you feel (or maybe not) but I thin making things like things should be well made and be more objective.

Oh, and I’ll cite a few more things in your site… here are a few more:

“… unlike Windows XP, Microsoft have deliberately crippled Windows 7, leaving netbook users at the mercy of Microsoft to control which applications they can use, as well as the number of applications that can be run simultaneously”

I know what you mean… But Microsoft did this due to the hardware limitation, and the power that the netbook can provide. Yes, you can certainly run other OS on your netbook, but why would you actually install things that you know it can’t handle? Do you just want to make an argument about this just to make an argument? Ntebooks have their limitations, and Microsoft has examined this very well. They placed the limits so that your netbook will run at optimal performance, not because they want to limit you. If you don’t want such limits then go ahead and make experiments and let’s see what point are you actually trying to make.

I’ve read through your site even further and found some nice arguments… Although, some of them are already misleading and outdated.I hope you guys actually provide things that are up to date and are not misleading. I mean, things do change, and Microsoft is a company I actually respect (although not a company I can say I love). I also respect you guys at FSF along with other organizations such as Zeitgeist Movement, Venus Project, and Creative Commons. But I think your pursuit in this kinds of things are going across a border you shouldn’t actually cross.

Microsoft is a big company that provides jobs, investments and such… Same with Apple, Adobe, Google, and so on… So if proprietary software, does hurt, they what’s the use of having such companies… right? But here’s something to think about… What do you think makes makes open softwares something worth to look at? Yes, that’s right! Competition! If everything was openly available, do you think, people would actually invest much effort in it? I don’t think so. There’s not much motivation to make them do it, or to excel at it. Things would probably be slower in development… Same with other open softwares… they lack the appeal that proprietary ones get… It’s because people in it actually spend quality time to make it better…

My las statement might partly contradict my support for Zeitgeist Movement, but, what I can say is that as long we are still in the same system we are in now… we still need to live in such realities… A reality where we should accept the fact that things also need to be kept closed to keep people from abusing it.

If Windows was open-source.. or even if Mac OS X was open-source… In our current society, I bet no one is safe from being abused… NO ONE!

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