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Ok, so here’s my plan. I will now create a standard landing page for the site network. It will no longer be my bio or anything about me. Rather, any information about me and my portfolio will be moved to a new domain. Yup, I’ll be opening a new domain.

Anything under the domain will be hereby all site network related. While, all information about me will then be moved to the new domain. However, this blog and a few stuff will continue to remain on this domain. Along with this certain section will then be shutdown to optimize space and because these sections are obsolete/unmaintained.

Sections that will remain on the domain are /blog, /site-files, /inscribe, /greeting, all shared spaces (V2 and pinoy movie blog (which of course has it’s own domain anyways)), comtech, help, services, and root.

Sections that will be moved to the new domain are /bio, /flash, and /folio.

Sections that will be terminated are projects, data, archives, user, repository, test, tools, /azp, and /zap and is effective immediately as of the time and date of this blog post.

Sections that will be removed will be moved accordingly when the new domain is available. Please note that corresponding email address used for terminated sections will also be shutdown.

I will keep you posted on the changes. I know it might be none of your concern but I just want you guys to know what’s happening.

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