Top 10 Greetings on my Birthday

Happy BEERday! Gift ko!Belated Happy Birthday (ulet!) HAHA!:)LOL, I know it’s an absurd idea to do this, but hey, I wanna do something…. lol

  1. Happy Birthday bane!!! Have a good one! I wish you all the best and more birthdays 2 come!!!! And have a good new year! 🙂 — Len-Len — and she gets to be number 1 for wishing more birthdays to come… ahahaha
  2. Ivan Josiah Cayabyab Lapis & Charissa Katrina Ezpeleta; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♥ ^_^ — Jamie Ponce — and she ranks next for tagging my name as a status message, 😀 and for tagging my birthday-mate, too! haha
  3. happy 19! — Shangrila Balanon — for telling my age in public…. lol
  4. Belated Happy Birthday (ulet!) HAHA!:) — Leah Aleli Bucsit — for greeting me twice! haha
  5. Happy BEERday! Gift ko! — Alexis Bucsit — for greeting me a happy BEERday and asking a gift from me… lol
  6. Hey!happy birthday ivan!have a good one!anuh handah nten?ppainum kah?hehehe!;) — Marie Mayuga — for actually greeting me that way… lol
  7. PSST PSST *poke* HAPPY BIRTHDAY :p — Chantal H — for poking me… lol
  8. didn’t know it was your birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xD — Ignacio Cortez — for not knowing it was my birthday…. lol
  9. HBDay Mr. Pencil! 😀 — Michael balde — for calling me Mr. Pencil… lol
  10. yo happy Bday you foool!@!@!@ — Mai Mirasol — for calling me a fool! ahahaha

And that’s my list! I thank everyone who greeted me. I appreciate all of your efforts. Sorry if there wasn’t any party or so.

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