Sheesh, October

Well, seems like I have less time to post stuff this October. Well, not really…. I have like a gajillion (if that’s a word)  of stuff to post so now I don’t know what to start posting…. Oh well, here’s a starter for the month:

Seriously, I swear I watched that clip over and over and over and over and over (you get the point) and I keep on laughing at it…. Hahahahaha, I mean, seriously… *splat* hahahahahaha

Oh, then here’s a follow up after you’re done with the video above….

loooooooooool, don’t blame me if you die of laugher…. hahahaha, oh, and yes, I’m doing stuff about video games right now…

So yeah, enjoy your Thanksgiving if your in Canada, while enjoy the day if you are elsewhere while I finish re-categorizing stuff (and re-tagging, too, I guess)

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