A greeting from me… from the past

Ok, so I’ve been using this futureme.org site for quite a while now to send myself notes, greetings, and random stuff to the future me. And yup, I greeted myself and here’s the email (filtered for privacy)

Hey dude Happy Birthday!!

What’s up? You might have forgotten that you have created this email, but I want you to listen.

This email was written by you, which is me, on August 28 earlier this year. Currently, you have a — on –, and you have told just a few days ago (two nights ago) when you gave — your old — — for — to use. There’s still no news on what would happen next about that, but I just want you to know what’s happening now.

Just yesterday, you went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibit) and went to Thomson Park. It was a good day so there was nothing to worry about, except to the fact that you felt — was kinda keeping distance from you already. It was sad. So yeah.

Yesterday, your group for the film was supposed to do a filming but didn’t take place. So what happened to the film? Was it accomplished? Ditched? I would want to know.

School is coming up on September 8, and you only have ONE class for it. And its a dragging 3 hour ESL class.

Ok, so today, mom is off from work and tomorrow is Ate Jen’s wedding with Bryan.

If there’s one thing you can’t get off your mind, that would be about –. Yes, it is. So what’s up? I’d like to hear it, but send me to Me in the future, ok?

Copy this and paste on the next email, then send it to your future me. Go to futureme.org to do that. I hope my message gets across. Send the next email on schedule on our Birthday. I’d like to hear something yearly. So please do it. Archive the message in your email at Yahoo. Thanks!

To prove this is me, or you, and that we are one, You currently have a TX2 and an XPERIA, and that You hate yourself right now for telling — you — –.

Sincerely, ME

Ok, so that was my email… hahaha and yup, almost everything is there… except for the fill in the blanks part. hahahaha Honestly I don’t want people to know about those…. HINT : — is equivalent to one word, name, number or so…

And yeah, my response will beposted on my response email… and that’ll just between me and me… hahaha maybe I’ll post that next time I receive it…. lol


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