RPG — First Filipino 3D Animated Feature Film

Title: RPG Metanoia

Yes, this the Philippine’s first 3D Animated Feature Film. Not bad being a first. My only remarks so far are the voice actors… They are TERRIBLE, and kills the movie itself once you see it. Visuals are on par with my acceptable standards so it isn’t a problem. It’s just really the voice actors…. TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE. I’d still be willing to watch this though… But, I suppose I’d mute the sound and proceed to watch with sub titles…. hehehe

I’d be happy to call in some of my buddies to do an English dub… I mean, the voice actors just really sound THAT BAD.

And, yes, this is an entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010 this December 25, 2010 (as usual)… However, I wonder why they won’t call it “Philippine Film Festival” or such… It’s not like it only allows Manila entries… hehehe

If you are interested, you can visit my friend who cover’s Philippines Movies at http://pinoymovieblog.com/ and he has a character list about the movie at http://pinoymovieblog.com/2010/10/rpg-metanoia-characters-list/ and if you are further interested go visit it’s main website at http://therpgmovie.com/

I hope that’s enough links for you… hehe

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