End of the Year Quote and Remarks

This year was awesome, but I know the next year will be much more awesome. It always is. Let’s just hope everything goes to plan, and if not, we should definitely have fun while at it.

— Ivan Lapis

Hahahaha, I can’t really make up a nice end of the year quote this time…. There’s just too much this year that I can’t really summarize the year in one quote. Nothing as general that happened, but the last few words definitely says it all, “have fun while at it”.

Booyeah! We should definitely enjoy things while we do it, because if we don’t why bother do it then? Well, maybe except for chores… I mean, not everyone enjoys doing chores… We could certainly make chores much more interesting and fun to do, but it’s always up to us if we are really willing to make it that way.

I’ve met new people this year (shout out to the Summer Film Camp people!) and lost some. But, I’m certainly happy to have seen again old friends and relative I have not seen for a long long time (yey for my Philippine family and friends!). But, I’ve most happy for my current friends who proves to be just the right people to be wit where I really feel I belong. I’m just so happy with you guys…. What took you guys so long to get to Canada? hehehe

I’m also very happy for my sister’s wedding, and my brother’s graduation. I’m also most happy with all of the support and things my mom gave me this year (the DSLR, boatloads of cash, her patience, and all) and I am just most happy with those. Definitely happy. Couldn’t be more happy. I could really shed a tear now about this. No, please make me stop… I’m just so darn happy I feel sad of how bad I am at school.. *gasp*

Anyways, 2010 is almost over! There’s just so much to say. I could go on and on about everything, but I think I’ll just have to say one more thing,

I’m so happy that I have met and know all of the people who came into my life.

I’d probably say more, but I wont. Maybe some other day then? I know I haven’t posted much in the past month (November and this December) but I’ll definitely make it up this January and for the next months. I’m just happy this blog is now more than 2 years old (if we count the previous blog which I accidentally lost)

See you in 2011! 😀 Happy New Year!

P.S. check out our new year greeting (in flash) : http://www.zeighy.net/site-files/content/public/2011/

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