The $200 Loan

A man walks into the bank and, after a short line, asks the bank teller, “Can I get a $200 loan?” The teller replies, “What do you have for collateral?” The man hands over the keys to his Bentley and says, “Will this do?” The teller looks surprised and says, “Yeah, I suppose.”

Six months later, the man returns to the bank, pays off his $200, plus $10 interest, and takes his keys back. Before he leaves, however, the teller asks, “Sir, no offense, but… why would a man who owns a Bentley need a $200 loan?”

He replies, “I needed to go overseas for 6 months. Where else could I store a Bentley for 6 months, for $10, and expect it to still be there when I get back?”


I guess if you’re just that rich… Or maybe, I guess if you’re just that intelligent…. Oh wait maybe this is better, I guess banks can be that reliable… Oh what ever…. hahaha that was just awesome

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