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Well, I found this story online over Facebook (source: and I thought it’s worth the read. Yes,the original is in Filipino, but I personally translated it correctly to English because Google Translate and other translators don’t do well in translating.


Hindi ako makapaniwalang may mga tao talagang handang pumatay para lang makuha yung mga materyal na bagay na gusto nila o siguro dala na ng desperasyon kung paano makakatawid ng gutom.

Kwinento sakin ‘to nung kaibigan ko kanina:

Papunta sila ng kaibigan niya sa CEU kahapon para sunduin yung isa pa nilang kaibigan. Sumakay sila ng jeep sa may bandang Ortigas. Pagsakay nila, konti lang yung mga pasaherong nakasakay. Mag-jowang magkayakap, isang matandang babae, sila, tapos yung driver. Sa may bandang likod sila nakaupo. Yung mag-jowa yung nasa may bandang unahan ng jeep. Nakasandal si ate kay kuya na parang natutulog tapos si kuya nakayakap kay ate. Yung matandang babae naman nasa may bandang gitna. Inaabot na nung kaibigan ko yung bayad niya dun sa lalaki pero hindi siya pinapansin kaya yung matandang babae na lang yung nagabot ng bayad. Yung matandang babae din yung nagabot ng sukli sa kanila. Napansin na din nila nung mga oras na yun na ang sama ng tingin ng driver sa kanila. So medyo nagtataka na din sila. Mayamaya, biglang sinabi sa kanila nung matandang babae na bumaba na sila. So lalo silang naguluhan kung saan mas matatakot. Sa manong driver na masama yung tingin o sa aleng bigla na lang nagyayayang bumaba ng jeep. Hindi na din sila nagisip tapos bumaba na sila ng jeep. Pagkababa nila ng jeep, sinabi sa kanila nung matandang babae kung bakit. Buti na lang daw hindi sila nagtanong kung bakit. Sabi nung matandang babae patay na daw yung babaeng nasa jeep. Hindi daw mag-jowa yung dalawa. Kaya nakasandal si ate kay kuya tsaka nakayakap si kuya kay ate kasi may nakasaksak kay ate na ice pick. Kaya hindi din inaabot ni kuya yung bayad. Napansin din daw ni ale na medyo nangingitim na yung bandang leeg ni ate. Kaya din daw siguro masama yung tingin ni manong driver sa kanila kasi baka binabalaan na din silang bumaba.

Nakakatakot lang kung iisipin mong isa ka sa mga nakasakay sa jeep na yun. Sobrang nakakatakot. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi ka na talaga makakasigurado kung sino yung mapagkakatiwalaan mo tsaka kung hanggang kelan na lang yung buhay mo. Nakakatakot na, lalo na kapag gabi.

Kaya paalala lang sa mga madalas bumyahe sa gabi, mag-ingat. Hangga’t maaari, maghanap ng kasama. Tsaka wag kalimutang magdasal. Hindi mo man akalain pero malaki ang impact niyan.


-A student from AB Pol Sci. (UST)

And of course, here’s the English version.


I can’t believe there are people that are willing to kill just to get material thing they want to get or maybe it’s just sheer hunger driving them to do such.

This is just a story told to me by a friend:

They were heading yesterday to CEU to meetup with one of their friends, and so they rode the jeepney at the Ortigas area. When they rode the jeep, there were just a few passengers. Two lover cuddling, an old lady, them, and the driver. They sat at the far back of the jeepney, while the two lovers were sitting near the front of the jeep. The girl was leaning to the guy and seemed to be sleeping, while the guy was hugging the girl close to him and old lady was sitting in the middle portion of the jeep. My friend then went on to pass their fare to the old lady of which she will they pass over to the driver and who also then passed over the change back to my friend. At that moment, they noticed that the driver was already giving them bad looks which made them suspicious. A few moments later, the old lady suddenly asked my friend and her friend to get off the jeepney with her. They were then even more confused and scared of what’s happening. They didn’t know which to be much more afraid of, the old lady, or the jeepney driver. They didn’t think anymore and decided to get off the jeepney with the old lady. When they got off the jeepney, the old lady was happy they didn’t bother to ask why at that moment, and told them why she asked them to. The old lady told them the girl on the jeep was already dead and the guy and the girl weren’t lovers at all. The reason why the girl was leaning towards the guy who was hugging her was because she has already been stabbed by the guy with an ice pick. That’s also why the guy didn’t bother to relay the fare to the driver even if he was closer to the driver than the old lady. The old lady also told them that she already noticed the girl’s neck was already starting to have a darker shade, which is also why the driver was staring at them in a scary way. It was his attempt of warning my friends of the danger they are in.

It’s just scary to think how scary it was to be in that jeep at that moment. It was just so scary. At these times, you can be sure of whom to trust your life with and how long it will go. It’s even more scary when it’s nighttime.

So just a warning to everyone who usually travels at night, take care. As much as possible, have a companion with you. Don’t forget to pray. You won’t know how big of an impact it can be.

Take care!

– A student from AB Pol Sci. (UST)

Yep, I’m not sure if this is real or fake, but still… Take care my friends!

* It is a Filipino tradition when riding the jeepney to relay the fare and change to the driver from a passenger sitting farther form the driver.

** Jeepneys are main transportation methods in the Philippines especially in the urban areas.

*** Ice Picks are common in Philippine households, and it is very well known to be a very effective silent killing weapons because it can easily be hidden and can be stabbed into a person with a very small chance of bleeding if not completely no bleeding at all. Despite this, ice picks are still common place due to the demand of high ice production in Philippine households and extreme ice buildups in freezers due to the humidity of the country in general.

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