I’m just quite busy + Anxious (short film)

OHAI! Sorry if I haven’t posted as much as I could quite recently… Well, it’s all just because I was busy with A) Doing my final projects/assignments, B) Playing Portal 2, C) So much thing happening I forget that I have a blog, and D) I LOVE YOU.

Anyways, I’ll post here one of my final projects. It’s the one for my Camerawork course, and it’s just friggin awesome! I would really want to thank my friends who made the time and effort to help out. I really really really appreciate it. 😀

Main Music:
Relief by Gurdonark — ccMixter.org
Licensed: CC-BY-NC
Credits Theme:
Your Mouth on my Mouth by urmymuse — ccMixter.org
Licensed: CC-BY

Cast (in order of appearance):
Kathleen Gatdula
Danny Anthony Perez
John Leo Mayo

Director, Producer, Writer, Cameraman, and Editor:
Ivan Lapis

All I could say is that I’m very proud of this fine work. Really. I’m in love with it. hahaha, no not that video exactly, I mean the process of making these. It’s just awesome and very satisfying.

I also have another video, a timelapse video actually, of the sun rising at the usual place which is the Scarborough Bluffs. It’s actually looking pretty epic this time. I hope to get another chance to do this, unfortunately, we’ll be moving away (to a new house) and heading to the bluffs early in the morning now requires either A) a car, B) a friend’s car, or C) camping at the Bluffs. haha, I haven’t upload that new video, yet. I should do it soon though. I’m really very happy with it.

Oh, about us moving to a new address? Yep, should happen by the end of this month (next week) I might post a few pictures later on on my photo journal (and yep, I haven’t updated that, too in a while, might do it after this)  about our move. No, I can’t disclose where I live. heh.

P.S. You can view the rest of video portfolio here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F8B3CDDA18C019DD and see other things I have made/participated in.

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