Rambling about Animal Fight Gambling

I just found this post through the Internet Archive which apparently had a snapshot of the content and here it is, dated on March 3, 2009


Recently, I’ve read this article on the newspaper about stopping animal fights used in gambling. Then the next day, a reaction was posted on the newspaper about the article. I can’t quote the exact message but the concept is like this:

The reader basically says that, why do we want to stop them doing so while we who are more civilized, in the North America, use HUMANS. We put HUMANS in cages or ‘rings’ and make thm fight and beat the hell out of each other. But, we try to stop people in third-world countries from using animals in a similar way. So is there any difference?

And, yes there is. Basically, we are more civilized, thus we use “better” specimens to use for our entertainment (I am just rewording some of the reader’s idea). While the less civilized people use a less “civilized” specimen, which are animals. But, the biggest similarity is that we use them for entertainment and make them fight for their lives (somehow), and just for the money.

I don’t think we have a right to correct them while we here are doing a far worse way of their less-civilized source of entertainment. Until we solve our own problem, we shouldn’t poke on something they have to solve on their own.

Maybe once we solve our own issues, it should be ok to mess with other people’s thing. Right?

** NOTE : I express my opinion in the way I think is right. If you object, your opinion is still treated with respect, as long as you know how to treat other people’s opinion with respect, too.


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