Its time to stop using IE6

Its time to stop using IE6 | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

Any IT professional who is still allowing IE6 to be used in a corporate setting is guilty of malpractice.

Which is true. There are two new version of IE (IE7 and IE8), why keep IE6? I’d understand if you corporate people would still like to keep Windows XP, but keeping IE6 is inexcusable. You know that in the recent news, most corporate intrusions are caused by IE6. And these intrusions would rarely happen on home environments due to the fact that home users tend to upgrade their browsers, or use an alternative (or yank out IE completely).

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. The attacks we have seen to date, including the exploit released publicly, only affect customers using Internet Explorer 6. As discussed in the security advisory, while newer versions of Internet Explorer are affected by this vulnerability, mitigations exist that make exploitation much more difficult.

So why does most corporate systems still keep IE6? It’s not even hard to roll out IE7, or IE8. It won’t cost them, at least in the acquisition of IE itself (since it’s FREE). I don’t really know. My school network (previous school actually, which was Jean Vanier CSS (which is under the TCDSB network), has rolled out IE7 quite recently and it proved to be helpful both for the security of their networks and to the students who got tired of using a very outdated browser that no longer renders most websites properly.

Many Web users who have not installed newer browsers want to upgrade but can’t. They are employees of large corporations whose IT departments support only IE6. The social bookmarking site Digg asked its users how many of them using IE6 are doing so because they prefer it. The answer: 7 percent. A whopping 70 percent said they’re saddled with IE6 because their companies won’t let them upgrade.

So yeah, why won’t just these corporate people upgrade? What’s wrong with you guys? It’s completely insane!

And just follow this link to know how vulnerable the browsers are:

I hope that will help you guys decide.

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