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Rambling about Animal Fight Gambling

I just found this post through the Internet Archive which apparently had a snapshot of the content and here it is, dated on March 3, 2009   Recently, I’ve read this article on the newspaper about stopping animal fights used in gambling. Then the next day, a reaction was posted on the newspaper about the […]

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A Story of Electronics and Design to Dump

Aaahhh, money… People just need more money even if they have more than enough….

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Battle: Los Angeles (2011) — Review

MY Rating: 10/10 Pro: Great action scenes, pulls you into the action Con: Kinda predictable, and full of cliché FULL REVIEW Battle:LA is an excellent movie, despite it being predictable and full of cliché. Over-all, I can say it has been well thought and took full advantage of it’s predictability and cliché to deliver an A+ movie. Battle:LA […]

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Education is Important

</3 THIS breaks my heart Here i am complaining ,  complaining about school being such a drag, how whenever i open one my notebooks/school books i frown and complain knowing that i have to study.. but then i see this.. This little girl .. These books are her everything.She probably struggled and used all the […]

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RPG — First Filipino 3D Animated Feature Film

Title: RPG Metanoia Yes, this the Philippine’s first 3D Animated Feature Film. Not bad being a first. My only remarks so far are the voice actors… They are TERRIBLE, and kills the movie itself once you see it. Visuals are on par with my acceptable standards so it isn’t a problem. It’s just really the […]

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Inception – MUST WATCH

Ok, so I just watched Inception just a few hours ago and until now I am still amazed by it in everything (almost). Parts that didn’t amaze me are small things we can all forget. If you ask me, this film is absolutely THE best film I have seen, yet. Great visuals, great concept, great […]

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Hackers and Crackers

This was originally on my blog, but due to the last time of losing my previous one, luckily, I have a copy from Facebook ——————— First, let’s define the word HACK: HACK verb to cut, notch, slice, chop, or sever (something) with or as with heavy, irregular blows (often fol. by up or down) Computers. […]

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Just a random thought

hahaha, I don’t know but I felt like I should share this random thought…. As crazy or as stupid as it sounds, is that it’s so real in our world that we often ignore why we actually react that way. For me, at least, when I see two guys/gays (or whatever you prefer to call […]

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Plurk is… A rough flyby the Plurk universe

Well, I can’t simply describe how Plurk is. Plurk is a bit unique in it’s own way, yet feels very familiar to other social networking sites. You might ask why am I writing this article about Plurk? Well, Plurk has been a part of my life and I have been very happy using it. I […]

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A Take About Online Privacy

Recently, there has been a lot of noise regarding online privacy. Yes, people becoming concerned and stuff like that. Privacy advocates (I actually tried to check the definition of advocate before I continued, just to be sure), Privacy activists, Tech Blogs, and so on. All of theme keeping tabs with famous websites and companies (e.g. […]

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