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Thou Shall Not Send Chain Mail

Credits and Source: Well, of course, this can be an exception. Please do forward this to people you know….

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If… It means…

This was an original post by me… I always had it on Facebook, and it was on my blog (the previous one). So I’m re-posting it (again) so that I have a copy here… 😀 ———– Here are few things to know what it means when you or a person does something…. If they like […]

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3 Reasons: Formspring Good and Bad

You have probably heard of, and you probably already have an account there. But hold for a moment and I’ll give you 3 Reasons why you should avoid formspring (and later, why you should keep or have one) The Bad Formspring feels pretty much like Twitter, however, due to how it works it isn’t like Twitter. […]

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Plurk is… A rough flyby the Plurk universe

Well, I can’t simply describe how Plurk is. Plurk is a bit unique in it’s own way, yet feels very familiar to other social networking sites. You might ask why am I writing this article about Plurk? Well, Plurk has been a part of my life and I have been very happy using it. I […]

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I was talking to her then… BAM!

Exactly… I don’t know how much I stress out driving problems out here… You know… Don’t talk to her while she drives… And I just wish that would actually happen (that blood through the phone) so that you know how gruesome it is when things go awry… Oh, and here’s another one: As seen on: […]

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3 Reasons : She reminds me of someone

Well, this will be a short post and I hope there’s something valuable you could pick up. 3 reasons why you should reconsider loving someone because they remind you of your previous love: 3. It won’t last long. You, you sure did love that girl because she is very much and has a lot in […]

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Why Jean Vanier CSS

I don’t know why I’m actually making this post but most probably because I just want to express my opinion. It’s a fact that I don’t really know why I chose Jean Vanier CSS as my school when I came to Canada, not because it was recommended by the board but rather it was a sense of […]

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