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Default Rogers Router Login for SMCD3GN

Default IP address: User name: cusadmin – Password: password User name: rogcesadmin – Password: wra8uje SOURCE: http://www.jonocono.ca/ramblings/2010/10/03/rogers-n-gateway-smcd3gn/ NOTES: The rogcesadmin is a login that allow you full access to all the routers settings including deactivating the wifi features and other things and has veto control over the same setting accessible with cusadmin. Using the rogcesadmin […]

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Cigar Tar

I can’t stress enough how much I don’t like people who smoke… (Yes, I do still like a few people who smoke at a personal level, but I have a general bias against smokers) Anyways, here’s a video you might want to watch Oh, and that reminds, me…. I usually have some stuff that I […]

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HD3 Complication Bi-Axial Black Pearl Watch

HD3 Complication Bi-Axial Black Pearl Watch | flylyf This would be the perfect gift for me… thanks… just click the link for details

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