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Happy Anniversary to Pinoy Movie Blog .com

Greetings to http://pinoymovieblog.com/! I just wanted to greet you a happy First Anniversary! Going great on your first year! Congratulations! I still remember that day (no not really, I can’t remember) when I initialized that WordPress blog for you… And we barely even know each other back then… I know I haven’t kept up with my […]

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My Photo Journal

Just in case you guys want to know… I’m keeping an irregularly updated photo blog/journal… You can peek at it at http://www.zeighy.net/pjourn

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Fresh Re-Install

OMFG, I just re-installed the entired blog due toa few issues I can’t just stand to keep on the backend. Well, the refresh feel fine. There’s still a few kinks, but everything should be fine. Post Categories however seems lost so I need to fix that. Nonetheless, everything is pretty much there and as is. […]

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Plurk is… A rough flyby the Plurk universe

Well, I can’t simply describe how Plurk is. Plurk is a bit unique in it’s own way, yet feels very familiar to other social networking sites. You might ask why am I writing this article about Plurk? Well, Plurk has been a part of my life and I have been very happy using it. I […]

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