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First-Aid Myths and Mistakes

Remember that post about when your eye ball pops out and what to not do? Here’s another installment of “almost” the same thing. This time, things that you usually do and why you shouldn’t. And, what you should actually do. Source: http://www.bspcn.com/2011/01/25/10-common-first-aid-myths-and-mistakes/ 1. Myth: Cut a snakebite “The safest thing to do for snakebite is […]

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The $200 Loan

A man walks into the bank and, after a short line, asks the bank teller, “Can I get a $200 loan?” The teller replies, “What do you have for collateral?” The man hands over the keys to his Bentley and says, “Will this do?” The teller looks surprised and says, “Yeah, I suppose.” Six months later, […]

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The end of guard rails, literally

You know guard rails, right? Yes? On the road… Those things… Well, that’s a guard rail…. and at the end is a safety feature to avoid things like this: Yeah, there’s a safety feature at the end of guard rails…. So, you want to know more about that? Hit the link below: http://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com/2010/09/endcap-on-highway-guard-rail.html

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Pro Travel Packing

Sooooooo, this is an issue with most of us…. We all want to pack more, but we don’t want to bring more bags… We always try to fit as much as we can in just one bag… or two… Now, there’s this guy (who was thought by his uncle) how to pack stuff in a […]

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Drive Safely

Ok, I know this get’s repetitive, but you should drive safely. I know, I know… I’ve shown one video here about that but some people just don’t get it. AT ALL. So here’s another one. It’s a public video on Facebook, so I guess you can view it (Facebook account might be required, but who […]

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