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The Marshmallow Experiment

Ah, poor kids… I might have gone insane like them. But then again, what’s my phone for? heh, Oh, and here’s the adult version…. Gosh, would have done the same as the last guy…

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Bright Ideas

Well, here are awesome ideas that will never be used…. If they use it, the world could probably be a better place… Maybe. ** I wanted to post them here, but there’s just too much ** So please visit the link : http://www.blameitonthevoices.com/2010/10/bright-ideas.html and see them all there 😀

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Cigar Tar

I can’t stress enough how much I don’t like people who smoke… (Yes, I do still like a few people who smoke at a personal level, but I have a general bias against smokers) Anyways, here’s a video you might want to watch Oh, and that reminds, me…. I usually have some stuff that I […]

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