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Facebook Gaming Facts

loooool, yes yes Source: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-games-statistics-2010-09

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A Take About Online Privacy

Recently, there has been a lot of noise regarding online privacy. Yes, people becoming concerned and stuff like that. Privacy advocates (I actually tried to check the definition of advocate before I continued, just to be sure), Privacy activists, Tech Blogs, and so on. All of theme keeping tabs with famous websites and companies (e.g. […]

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HOW TO : Find a deleted Facebook picture using Google Chrome

Of course, this requires that you were using Google Chrome before hand and that you have already opened the page of that Facebook picture in the past 7 days or so. Ok, so your friend deleted that picture on Facebook. It was something worth spreading, I guess. And in my case my friend deleted a […]

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Application/Games Privacy on Facebook

I’ve recently posted an article here regrading tweaking your Facebook privacy settings. Now, very recently I was rolled into Facebook’s new Home Page design, but through a little exploration I found something that might concern you and your privacy. I’ve seen that there’s the new tab for Applications and Games, so I went to look on it […]

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Online Privacy — On Facebook

And when I thought my stuff were private enough when I first configured my privacy settings, I thought wrong. Facebook has created the best control over your privacy for stuff you put into Facebook. It’s just a matter of handing a small portion of your spare time to fix it. Over the past months, I’ve […]

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Facebook – #FAIL in Customer Service

Facebook – #FAIL in Customer Service – Bad Process, BAD Process | Social CRM: The Conversation | ZDNet.com I understand what he’s saying right here, not that I experienced it. I admit, most of the top “internet-related” companies have the WORST customer service you could ever find. Especially in the account recovery processes…. One of the finest account […]

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How to get someone on a date

Ok, I was supposed to sleep already but my short stop at one of my favorite sites proved that I should still stay awake even for just a few moments to share this wonderful tip. Ok so I ran over this article at Gizmodo and here’s the image you would want to see:

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