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Sheesh, October

Well, seems like I have less time to post stuff this October. Well, not really…. I have like a gajillion (if that’s a word)  of stuff to post so now I don’t know what to start posting…. Oh well, here’s a starter for the month: Seriously, I swear I watched that clip over and over […]

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Best Fail+Win moment in gaming

“[redarcted] 2K Sports offered $1 million to the first person to pitch a perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K10 [redacted] 24-year-old Alabama resident Wade McGilberry was able to complete his million dollar game in less than 90 minutes after returning home from work.” What’s the fail in that? Here’s what: “… 2K Sports didn’t take […]

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BAD EA, BAD… You pissed me off terribly this time… CNC4 DRM FAIL

You know what EA? I love your games, I’m basically an EA fan… as a whole. But now, you just lost me. Along with other fans and consumers. And I’ve thought you recreated the game play and system to attract new customers and fans, unfortunately, it’s not working. You know why? DRM. I understand why you place […]

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Facebook – #FAIL in Customer Service

Facebook – #FAIL in Customer Service – Bad Process, BAD Process | Social CRM: The Conversation | ZDNet.com I understand what he’s saying right here, not that I experienced it. I admit, most of the top “internet-related” companies have the WORST customer service you could ever find. Especially in the account recovery processes…. One of the finest account […]

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