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The Scrollwheel

Remember the comic I previously posted? Well, here’s the animated version… by Neon Noodle, Guy Collins, and Kevin MacLeod I guess some of you understand this quite well….

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The Most Awesome Google Docs Presentation I’ve Seen

Seriously guys…. That was awesome… But, I don’t think I’ll do that kind in any of my presentations, soon…. SOURCE: http://lifehacker.com/5725938/remains-of-the-day-animating-with-google-docs

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Exactly Why I Have a Poker Face Sometimes

Yes, Yes! Exactly what I feel! hahahahaha, the pain, agony, and gruesome feeling…. *gasp* Source: http://www.bspcn.com/2010/09/20/the-pain-of-watching-non-geeks-use-a-computer/

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Wait, what?

Really? Because, I think otherwise. Maybe it’s not Google Chrome itself, but rather and extension for Google Chrome. Same with Firefox. What are you gonna do now? Make me use Internet Explorer?

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A Take About Online Privacy

Recently, there has been a lot of noise regarding online privacy. Yes, people becoming concerned and stuff like that. Privacy advocates (I actually tried to check the definition of advocate before I continued, just to be sure), Privacy activists, Tech Blogs, and so on. All of theme keeping tabs with famous websites and companies (e.g. […]

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The Shared Items Page

Ok, I finally got the Shared Items section working where you can go and see what’s the latest things I’ve been reading and sharing over my Google Reader, and Twitter, and Youtube, and some other sites. No, I didn’t place my Facebook for privacy. Anyhow, you can go visit it anytime by clicking the “Shared […]

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Google Fiber for Communities: Think big with a gig

Google Fiber for Communities: Think big with a gig Google is planning to launch an experiment that we hope will make Internet access better and faster for everyone. We plan to test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country. Our networks will deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times […]

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How many online services do you use?

I, like anyone else around here, use online services from various online services ranging from webmail, instant messaging, and so on. And because of this, I decided to post an assessment of all (almost) the online services I use regularly from different providers. Ok, I’ll start from the leader in online services. And yes, of […]

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