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29 Life Lessons by Benny Lewis

Interestingly, Google Reader gave me this very nice article under it’s “Suggested Articles” and I found this one to be very “life changing” if you may. I’m just copy-pasting it here, no I’m not stealing it. If you want, you can visit the original article here (along with some reader comments): http://www.fluentin3months.com/life-lessons/ 29 life lessons learned […]

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The right “language”

Well, I just jizzed in my pants… I am completely astonished with all of the words… Hah! I feel like I’ve already forgotten that feeling of having that extensive vocabulary I used to have…. Oohhhhh, the memories of those words…. I feel weak now that I know my vocabulary is now less than what it […]

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Wait, you talk too fast and WHAT?!

Ok so we say things differently than how we think we are saying them and how we write them down… I just hope this guy made you realize what he wants you to realize because I haven’t absorbed much about what he said… What ever he said….

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