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Thou Shall Not Send Chain Mail

Credits and Source: http://www.thedoghousediaries.com/?p=2021 Well, of course, this can be an exception. Please do forward this to people you know….

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Our Actions for Others

I’ve run across this story several times already. Now that I have came across it again, I’d like to share it to you guys. Well, also since it’s in JPG form and I like it better than copy-pasting it in text form. Why? I’m not quite sure myself.

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10 Things You Ought to Know

You know how much I love infographics…. hahahaha Here’s another one… And yes, I avem’t done much post this month… It’s a busy month…. Also, yes, I am making a blog post in the morning… How cool is that?! lol

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Drowning: What’s before that

It’s summer and it’s swimming time! Time to cool off the heat and have some fun under the sun. Unfortunately, there are risks we have to take when we do such activities, and that includes drowning. We’ve all been conditioned to believe that a drowning person will flail about, scream out, and otherwise draw attention […]

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This came from my mind?

Life is complicated as it is. The world we live in, the way things work, and how humans deal with their problems. I don’t want to be too religious, or too scientific with this. Let’s all settled down and, at least for now, let’s ignore our differences in belief, culture, and all other difference we […]

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PSA: Embrace Life

If this video does not affect you at all, you just have to be the most cold-hearted and stone-hearted person there is. This just got to be the best seatbelt PSA I’ve seen! Well, the mildly gory No Texting PSA was also awesome, but this just got to be the MOST EPIC I’ve seen. Honestly, […]

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PSEUDO-RELATIONSHIP — Tag-lish Post + English translation

Well, this  post was written by a group mate over a forum over the internet. She has a good point, and she speaks of accurate stuff (well kinda most of it). Unfortunately, if you are an English-only speaker, then you might not completely understand this post (but I’ll be providing translation along the way). This post was […]

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