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New Year’s Before and After Picture

Seen at the The Oz Bar in Edinburgh, New Zealand. Redditor pigferret says: “Printed on A1 water proof paper and outside in 1°C weather, the laser ink froze and slipped down the page when it rained.” — Source : http://www.blameitonthevoices.com/2011/01/before-and-after-new-years-eve-party.html

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New Blog Theme

Finally! I found a nice theme! Woohoo! Now, one thing I did change was the image banner above… I was supposed to replace it… but it struck me… “What if I put set it into something that dynamically changes?” Yes, so that at least that reflects to what this blog is about…. which is ANYTHING RANDOM… right? […]

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Internet Footprint

Ok, so here’s my plan. I will now create a standard landing page for the site network. It will no longer be my bio or anything about me. Rather, any information about me and my portfolio will be moved to a new domain. Yup, I’ll be opening a new domain. Anything under the zeighy.net domain […]

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Pixel – Retro Pixel Games Attack New York

PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. Uploaded by divisionparis. – Explore more music videos. Ok, isn’t that so cool? hahahaha

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Application/Games Privacy on Facebook

I’ve recently posted an article here regrading tweaking your Facebook privacy settings. Now, very recently I was rolled into Facebook’s new Home Page design, but through a little exploration I found something that might concern you and your privacy. I’ve seen that there’s the new tab for Applications and Games, so I went to look on it […]

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Happy Blue Moon New Year!

Well this sounds all so cool! You get a blue moon on a new year! Horay! So who will you be with on that special night? Imagine a rare occurrence of having a blue moon on a new year! This just has to be so cool! And quite sad for me because I have no special someone […]

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So it’s a new year, and you’ve got a new computer

Set Up and Get to Know Your New Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer – Feature – Lifehacker Ok, so if you’ve got a new machine (or getting a new one, like me) here are a few tips from our buddies from Lifehacker. Just click the link above then read through the article. It will provide […]

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