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Just wanted to share …

… a couple of pictures taken by one of the awesome photographers out there who took the coverage of my sister’s wedding… ** you can click on the photos for a larger view ** http://www.jajasamaniego.com/weddings/something-summer-on-a-december/ http://www.jajasamaniego.com/weddings/something-summer-on-a-december/ http://www.jajasamaniego.com/weddings/something-summer-on-a-december/ http://www.jajasamaniego.com/weddings/something-summer-on-a-december/ All credits to Ms. Jaja Samaniego. Sorry if I had to “steal” these pics from your site…. […]

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HDR Video — Eh what?

You probably know HDR Photography already…. No? Really?! Ok, HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography allows us to get photos that are much more realistic to what our eyes actually see. Our eyes are so good at seeing things at the dark and at bright instances at the same time. However, our camera can’t. So […]

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New Photo Gallery

I recently got the top item on my wishlist, which is the Canon Rebel T2i, and was very happy about it. Now, I will be re-launching the Photo Gallery section of my website to feature photos I’ll be taking. Of course, the gallery still contain previous items and new items that will also be taken […]

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FREE ONLINE COURSES, yep you read that right!

Does those three words sound familiar? Or do they sound too common? Well, of course having FREE ONLINE COURSES are common. Oh wait, having those three word one after the other is uncommon. Of course, you can put any two of three words together, but putting those three together is completely uncommon, if not rare. […]

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