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The right “language”

Well, I just jizzed in my pants… I am completely astonished with all of the words… Hah! I feel like I’ve already forgotten that feeling of having that extensive vocabulary I used to have…. Oohhhhh, the memories of those words…. I feel weak now that I know my vocabulary is now less than what it […]

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Windows 7 Sins – A user’s view point

DISCLAIMER : I am not associated to any company mentioned in this post, neither in any organization. I am not paid to write this post, neither am I doing this because I am forced to do so. I do not advertise or promote any product or company, neither do they advertise or promote me. So I […]

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BAD EA, BAD… You pissed me off terribly this time… CNC4 DRM FAIL

You know what EA? I love your games, I’m basically an EA fan… as a whole. But now, you just lost me. Along with other fans and consumers. And I’ve thought you recreated the game play and system to attract new customers and fans, unfortunately, it’s not working. You know why? DRM. I understand why you place […]

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