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XKCD on Tech Support

(click to enlarge) hahahaha, I know exactly the script…. Not that I actually do the script, but after calling tech support for several times, I already know it very much. Source: http://xkcd.com/806/

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Application/Games Privacy on Facebook

I’ve recently posted an article here regrading tweaking your Facebook privacy settings. Now, very recently I was rolled into Facebook’s new Home Page design, but through a little exploration I found something that might concern you and your privacy. I’ve seen that there’s the new tab for Applications and Games, so I went to look on it […]

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A TERRIBLE tech support….

Wait, so I’ve been checking the statistics of incoming links and searches. I’ve noticed that people are coming in regarding the EA post I’ve made about how bad they handled my issue. And yes, it was terrible. Unfortunately, that post is long gone when all of my post went *poof* when I re-built the entire site. My backups […]

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