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29 Life Lessons by Benny Lewis

Interestingly, Google Reader gave me this very nice article under it’s “Suggested Articles” and I found this one to be very “life changing” if you may. I’m just copy-pasting it here, no I’m not stealing it. If you want, you can visit the original article here (along with some reader comments): http://www.fluentin3months.com/life-lessons/ 29 life lessons learned […]

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Whoa… Just a few more hours before mu flight tonight and I feel quite stoked about it… Hahahahaha, I’ll be updating stuff along the way… You can also check my photojournal for updates with images… Well, mostly images…. For god’s sake… It’s not a blog… It’s more or less a journal or scrap book… I’ll […]

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Pro Travel Packing

Sooooooo, this is an issue with most of us…. We all want to pack more, but we don’t want to bring more bags… We always try to fit as much as we can in just one bag… or two… Now, there’s this guy (who was thought by his uncle) how to pack stuff in a […]

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Fangoria 2010 – Machine

So, what can you do in your garage? Lots of things. Well, this short film was made in a garage. Hah! Watch it! It’s awesome!

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